Frequently Asked Questions

Foodie Card

How do I know if a restaurant accepts Foodie Card?

All participating restaurants should have a green sticker on their window that states they are a Foodie Card member. If you are unsure, please click here.

Foodie Card

Can I give the card to another person if I'm not attending?

Unfortunately, the Foodie Card holder must be present, and it must match a credit card and a diver's license.

Foodie Card

How much is a Foodie Card?

It's $29.99 a year.

Foodie Card

How much is donated to Island Harvest?

For every card purchased, Foodie Card donates 5% of the sale to Island Harvest. That is enough to give 1 person an entire day of meals (including breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Foodie Card

I lost my card, how do I get a replacement?

Please click here to request a replacement card.

Foodie Card

How do I add a restaurant to Foodie Card?

Please click here to submit a restaurant.

Foodie Card

How is Foodie Card affiliated with the Tri-State Restaurant Club?

Neil and Emma Foster founded Tri-State Restaurant Club in 2015, and launched Foodie Card in January of 2018.

Foodie Card

Once a Foodie Card is purchased, when will I receive it in the mail?

It usually takes 7-10 business days.

Foodie Card

What should I do if I ate at a restaurant that is supposed to take Foodie Card, but they refused to accept it?

Please click here to file a complaint.

Foodie Card

Does Foodie Card cover take-out and delivery?

No, as of now, Foodie Card only works when are you eating at the restaurant.

Foodie Card

Are there black-out dates?

There are no black-out dates, Foodie Card works 7 days a week.

Foodie Card

Can multiple cards be used on a single bill?

Only one card can be applied per bill.

Foodie Card

Is there a maximum discount on a single use?

Yes, the maximum that can be saved in $100.

Foodie Card

Can the card be used in combined with other coupons?

No, the Foodie Card cannot be combined with other coupons.

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For just $29.99 a year, Foodie Card members will get 10% off their
dine-in bill at participating restaurants, and with each card purchased,
a meal will be donated to charity.
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